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style="text-align:center;" Template:Image class colspan="2" | An EP Cover from the official MySpace
An EP Cover from the official MySpace
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Also known as SZ
Origin Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.
Genre(s) Nu metal
Alternative rock
Years active 2005-present
Label(s) Self labeled (2005-2008)
Website Official Website
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Template:Country data USAAric Fleury
Template:Country data USA

Martin Harp
Template:Country data SpainMatt Toledo-Hernando

Step Zero is a nu metal iBand, composed of three members: Aric "Dialemic" Fleury (Vocals, Guitar), Martin "Omakayd" Harp (Vocals, Keys), Matt "Minor Effect" Toledo-Hernando (DJ). The band was formed in Mid 2005 with a rare EP release in July 2006, and are releasing a full length album in the forthcoming months.[1]


Step Zero is most notably known for their unique formation and music production, as stated on the band's official MySpace:


"Aric, an inspiring MC, grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. Destined to find another singer and musician with equal talent, he went on a search for a new type of band. This day in age, we rely on technology more than anything. This would be used to our advantage. Martin, another inspiring song writer/musician from Iowa was also on the same quest. He stumbled upon Arics songs on MySpace. He liked what he heard and was able to bring a new meaning to his music. Matt fell into the trap. A dDj (digital dj) and producer for over 6 years, his talents brought a whole new meaning to Step Zero's music. Living in Spain, he also has never met Aric or Martin. This band is truly unique. The thing that distinguishes our band from any other is we haven't met each other in real life. Its all been internet based producing, which can be really hard sometimes."


—Aric Fleury, Step Zero, ''

2008 Album

After the unsuccessful 2006 album and failure to get any widespread recognition, most thought Step Zero to be over. In early 2008, their original website of went down. Three months later in March of 2008, was created, it was stated by the band that they lost their old website due to financial problems.[2]. Months following, new songs were released via MySpace and their own, new website along with possible album covers and potential record deals. The full length album is expected to be released summer or early fall 2008. Martin Harp stated that all of the songs on the album would be never-released, full length songs.

Confirmed Tracks for the 2008 Album
  • "Carry On"
  • "Dead Heart 2008"
  • "In Theory"
  • "Comes Around"[3]

Step Zero Becomes Global

In summer of 2008, Step Zero was contacted by a man who stated the band is being played on their air force's radio station.


Hello Step Zero, i am playng stepzero songs in the portuguese air force radio those that are on myspace and people are allways asking me more..


—soulfly, no name disclosed


In July of 2008, Full Throttle Radio contacted Step Zero and asked to play their songs on their online radio station.[5]

Step Zero is also recognized in China where they have 50+ fans registered on a chinese website.[6]

Bobby Reeves Contacts Step Zero

Bobby Reeves lead singer of the bands Adema and Level contacted Step Zero's friend and promotion manager Ryan Glynn(alias ZVM) on October 13, 2008. According to Aric and Ryan, Bobby wishes to promote Step Zero in movies and video games that are looking for Linkin Park-esque bands. Three days later, the exact message was posted on the Step Zero forums.


"WOW.they do sound good..............Only problem is they sound EXACTLY like LINKIN PARK........They even do a cover of one of their songs......i think they are really good hough.....i may be able to ge them some gigs for some TV and MOVIE trailer spots! i work with a company that wants songs like LINKIN but can't afford to pay LINKIN so songs that sound close is what thety want!! Have them hit me up ............."


—Bobby Reeves, Adema, ''

Bobby Reeves has been known for his work with Adema and Level, and currently he has been trying to find bands like Step Zero to do promotional work for.[7]

Band Members

Street Team

The formation of the Step Team erupted quickly after the creation of their new website. The street team has been told by the band to release an 'unofficial EP' of their demo tracks that were not only on the 2006 EP but newer songs as well, all for free.

Current Street Team Locations



Album US Release date Label Billboard 200
Step Zero EP July 18th, 2006 Self Released N/A
Untitled 2008 N/A, 2008 Self Released N/A

Post EP Recordings

After the 2006 EP was released, Step Zero released a lot of demo tracks that will not be on any album at all. The tracks and their respective release dates are as follows:

Song Approximate Release date
Consumed (Remastered) August, 2006
So Selfish September, 2006
In The Rain (New Day Mix) December, 2006
Wake Up February, 2007
Pushing Me Away (Cover) March, 2007
Stabilizer April, 2007
Last Night April, 2008
April 12th Instrumental April 12, 2008
Champagne Demo May, 2008
SZ 2008 Demo May, 2008
Matt's Cool Techno June, 2008
Lying From You (Cover) June, 2008
Infectious June, 2008
July 18th (Not Finished) July 18, 2008

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