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Actual Site Statistics Ranking

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This graphic represents modeled data, based on the Compete panel of Internet users.

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StatCounter Traffic

This graphic represents actual visitor traffic, according to the embedded monitoring application on every page of MyWikiBiz. The site sysops have switched "off" their own IP addresses, so as not to skew the data.

Monthly traffic since inception:

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Google's PageRank of


Google's PageRank algorithm is the system that originally powered the search engine's rankings (and remains an important factor today). The Google Toolbar shows a score from 1 to 10 (on a logarithmic scale, meaning it is an order of magnitude more difficult to achieve a 5 over a 4, etc.) that estimates the relative link popularity of a page.

Our Goals for 2009

Featured partner

By the end of the year, we want to have landed one "recognizable name" partner organization that will use MyWikiBiz to showcase their own database in some way. They will have a staff or community of editors who will contribute at least an edit a day on their "stuff". Something like Little League Baseball, a trade union, or historical society.

Quantcast badge

We will keep an eye on this, now that we have the Quantcast code in the site footer. <embed> <iframe frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' height='60' width='160' src=''></iframe> </embed>

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