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Cast Film Line equipment is the first piece of major equipment in a converting line. It transforms plastic resin to film. The process of transforming plastic resin to film is either done by Cast Film Line or Blown Film Extruders. Sometimes, Cast Film Line is also referred to as Cast Film Extruder. In general, the two machines, the Cast Film Line and the Blown Film Extruder, are capable to produce plastic film of the same properties. The difference between the applications of the two equipments is that the earlier one is typically used for very large volume production, whereas the later one ismore economical where shorter runs are required. Cast Film Lines have three to four times higher through speed than Blown Film Lines. Also, the maximum film width they produce tend to be wider, in some cases reaching 25 feet.

The main technological process of the Cast Film Line is the following: Resin is fed to the blenders. A machine has as many blenders as many layers they are capable to produce. (Most advanced machines are capable to produce barrier film of seven to nine layers.) Next, the screw transports and melts the resin, then the T-die shapes it to a very thin layer of film. The final web structure is stabilized by the quench roller. The output of the machine is winded film.

Critical part of the technology is the deployed heat and tension control system. As the resin is melted, the material needs to go through a very accurately controlled cooling process in order to produce very thin layers of homogeneous film. Layer thickness, depending on the plastic film type can vary between couple of µms to 100 µms. Also, as the material runs through the machine at a very high speed, very accurate tension control is paramount; otherwise the film of the winded coil won’t be homogenous.


  • Cast film extruder for the manufacturing high barrier property plastic film of up to nine layers.

Market info

One of the North American cast film line machinery suppliers is Plastic Equipment Co.

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Businesses related to Poly Bag Making Machines will identify themselves by the following 5-digit NAICS codes:

  • 33322 - Plastic manufacturing equipment manufacturers
  • 32611 - Plastic converting industry


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