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Plastic Pouch Bag Making Machines are a sub-category of the Plastic Bag Making Machines nevertheless they are discussed in a separate article, as the underlying technology of the two bag making types are different. Also, the properties of the bags produced by the two machines are different. Pouch bag are usually three-side sealed whereas the bags produced bag making machines are either bottom or side sealed (one-, or two-side sealed.)

In general pouch bags have higher barrier properties than regular bags. For instance pouch bags are used for food and medical packaging whereas high level liquid, light, oxygen, or heat barrier properties are required. The given barrier property is required both relative to the quality of the film the bag is made of and the quality of welding or sealing.

The input material of the pouch bag making machines is two layers of printed, slit, and winded plastic film. The main technological difference between regular poly bag machine and pouch bag machine lies at the welding. The pouch bag machines have two separate sealing (welding) steps each steps followed by a cooling step. Cooling steps right after the welding steps are required to produce a high barrier quality welding. Regular plastic bag machine has only one welding step and usually does not have cooling step followed the welding producing lower level of barrier property.

Pouch bag making machine are usually more expensive than regular poly bag machines as pouch bag machines have an extra layer of technological complexity that ensures the high level barrier property sealing.


Market info

One of the North American pouch bag making machinery suppliers is Plastic Equipment Co.

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Businesses related to Poly Bag Making Machines will identify themselves by the following 5-digit NAICS codes:

  • 33322 - Plastic manufacturing equipment manufacturers
  • 32611 - Plastic converting industry


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