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Blown Film Extruder is used by the plastic converting industry to manufacture plastic film. Plastic converting is usually referred to the manufacturing process whereas plastic resins are processed to plastic packaging material like plastic bags, plastic geomembrane film, or flexible packaging. Extrusion is the first step of the plastic conversion, whereby the resins are processed to rolls of plastic film. One of the technologies used for plastic converting is the blown film extrusion.

Blown film extruder is recognized by the wider public by it's several meter tall tower. The tower is the part of the equipment where the film blowing takes place. The resin is melted at the bottom of the equipment and than transformed to film. Then the film is led up through the tower. The main function of the tower is while the film is run through the tower from the bottom to the top, there is a controlled cooling airflow, air-blow applied to the film. The controlled cooling of the film is essential to produce consistent homogeneous quality.

Blown film equipments can be categorized depending on the number of the layers of the film the given machine produces. Plastic film is commonly used for packaging and insulating goods that are sensitive to light, heat and other external factors. The properties of the plastic film can be greatly engineered by layering plastic films together, (this is what the co-extrusion term refers to) creating the so called barrier films. In some barrier film technologies plastic film is co-extruded with non-plastic material.


Market info

One of the North American blown film extruder suppliers is Plastic Equipment Co.

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Businesses related to Blown Film Extruders will identify themselves by the following 5-digit NAICS codes:

  • 33322 - Plastic manufacturing equipment manufacturers
  • 32611 - Plastic converting industry


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