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Property:Birth Country Name

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Birth Country Name

This is a property of type String.

Pages using the property "Birth Country Name"

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Robert Grosseteste +England  +
Robert Kilwardby +England  +
Roger Bacon +England  +
Roger Marston +England  +


Siger of Courtrai +France  +
Simon of Faversham +England  +


Thomas Aquinas +Italy  +
Thomas of Erfurt +Germany  +
Thomas of Sutton +England  +


Ulrich of Strasbourg +Germany  +


Walter Burley +England  +
Walter of Bruges +Belgium  +
William Arnauld +France  +
William de Bonkes +England  +
William of Alnwick +England  +
William of Champeaux +France  +
William of Ockham +England  +
William of Sherwood +England  +
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