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Jessica Sanchez (born circa 1995) is an American vocalist from Southern California.

Jessica is most known for her wild card appearance on the inaugural season of America's Got Talent that aired on NBC during the summer of 2006.[1] That performance has since been viewed more than 5,000,000 times on Youtube alone.

Later that year, Jessica gained additional nationwide exposure as she was featured on the syndicated television show Showtime at the Apollo singing Aretha Franklin's "Respect", hosted at that time by Whoopi Goldberg.

After America's Got Talent and Showtime at the Apollo, Jessica's stock as an artist grew exponentially and has become one to be reckoned with in the future by famously covering popular songs on her Youtube channel earning more than 22,000,000 video views!

Jessica sings the Star Spangled Banner for numerous functions but her exhilarating performances in front of 70,000 people not only once but twice is one for the scrapbook. Jessica honored America by singing the National Anthem for the San Diego Chargers in September 2008 when they hosted the New York Jets on ESPN's Monday Night Football and then again in September 2009 when the Chargers hosted the Miami Dolphins, both games in which the Chargers subsequently won.

She was featured in the "Dinner Table" national TV commercial for Cricket Wireless during the summer 2009 "Respekt" campaign.

During October 2009, Jessica took part in raising awareness of Hepatitis B by performing on a college tour on the campuses of UC Irvine, UC Davis and University of Houston with other popular Youtube artists.

A catchy and quite popular single among her fanbase titled "Still in Love", which samples Mary Wells's The One Who Really Loves You, is posted on her 'myspace'.[2]

Personal life

Sanchez is of Mexican and Filipino heritage. She was born in San Diego, California. She is homeschooled and believes it is better than going to school because "there is less drama".

Sanchez is friends with fellow half Filipino/Mexican-American Jasmine Villegas, vocalist and fellow AGT and Youtube artist Thia Megia, The Beat 2008 Music Awards Winner Elise Estrada, AGT's and American Idol Season 8 Finalist Allison Iraheta. Sanchez did a callaboration with Villegas and Megia on Mariah Carey's Hero.


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