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MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Monday December 11, 2023
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Glad to be here.

Duplicate content

Les, if I may request... your completing entire duplicated pages of content, simply with different titles, will actually be counter-productive in Google search results. Google deprecates pages that it deems as duplicating content of other pages, and then it deprecates domains that have frequent duplicate content. Would you mind if I delete these duplicates? - MyWikiBiz (talk) 21:32, 17 May 2014 (UTC)

Copyright issue

Received notice from Norman Wattenberger, indicating that he feels that you plagiarized content from his site, on the MyWikiBiz page Blackjack card counting systems. The potentially problematic content (a numeric table) has been removed, and the page locked for 1 month, until we can sort out the problem. - MyWikiBiz (talk) 18:15, 25 September 2017 (UTC)