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This Infobox_Resume template should be used to provide supplemental resume information within Directory listings only for persons and/or estates (e.g., Marilyn Monroe who retain commercial ownership of their name, likeness, image, works, etc.).

For primary personal information, see Template:Infobox_Person, which should be used to portray the vital statistics of living persons, persons with active estates, and non-commercial Main space subjects (e.g., Sir Isaac Newton).

For personally revealing information like physical features, political and religious affiliation, marital status, and friends, see Template:Infobox_Personal.


All parameters are required for the first listing; parameters are then optional thereafter for any additional listings.

| period1     =  <--Time period; e.g. 1999-2004
| employer1   =  <--Company name
| title1      =  <--e.g. VP
| salary1     =  <--100000 (don't use $dollar signs, commas, or periods -- attribute will be formatted automatically
| experience1 =  <--Total years; e.g. 5.5
| occupation1 =  <--NAICS description
| code1       =  <--NAICS code