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Template:Infobox Personal

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This Infobox_Personal template should be used to portray personally revealing information like physical features, political and religious affiliation, marital status, and friends.

For the vital statistics of living persons, persons with active estates, and non-commercial Main space subjects (e.g., Sir Isaac Newton), see Template:Infobox_Person.

For supplemental resume information within Directory listings of persons and/or estates (e.g., Marilyn Monroe who retain commercial ownership of their name, likeness, image, works, etc.), see Template:Infobox_Resume.


All parameters are optional.

| physical =     <-- Gender, race, height, weight, eye color, hair color
| education =    <-- Degree(s), graduation date(s)
| profession =   <-- Profession(s), license, state, year admitted
| credential =   <-- Credential(s), ID, issuer, year granted
| member =       <-- Member of: board(s), association(s), etc.
| party =        <-- Political affiliation
| religion =     <-- Religion, name of church (if applicable)
| marital =      <-- Marital status; if married, spouse name 
| children =     <-- Number of, name(s) 
| relations =    <-- Parents, siblings, etc.
| friends =
| interests =    <-- Activities, hobbies