Shinobu Entsu

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Shinobu Entsu Shinobu Entsu
Shinobu Entsu Musician.jpg
Musical Artist Musician / Composer
Residence San Vito, Puntarenas, CR
Born 1992-09-04
Coto Brus
Known for Creator of the Shinnobu project
Occupation Musician

Shinobu Entsu lived on Cotón Coto Brus. is a Costa Rican Musician composer known for being the hidden face behind the Shinnobu[1]

with Universal Mystic Music. Entsu, born in 1992, started if he knew his musical career on September 4, 2012, with the first album titled "Libertus". Album that only began but without any purpose.

Five years later in the town of Progreso, Coto Brus. The February of 2017, launched the Shinnobu Musical Project, combining elements of Pop, Rock, Environment, Ambient and Gregorian Songs. In addition to including voices in Latin, Spanish, English and French, he was inspired by mysticism. For what the collective considers prohibited. As well as by groups like Gregorian, eRa, Lesiem and special by Michael Cretu, German Music creator of the Enigma (Musical Project) in the decade of the nineties.


On February 17, the first album of the series The Enigma is released, basically created with almost nothing, with just a computer, a monitor and a small speaker. Touching like this with a keyboard of letters of an ordinary computer and giving shape to the instruments recorded with a mobile phone.

Leaving five months and after having published the first work, it is noted a good reception by the public. What starts the series Enigma albums, The Enigma Series. With the purpose to maintain a surreal, medieval, mythical, magical and mystical environment, Although the quality is low, Entsu is forced to take the subject seriously.


The same year at the end of September a new album is published The Enigma IV. This time with remarkable voices, a New Age style and more enigmatic environment, being a boom in social networks, radio and television stations. Then and during the year 2018 two new albums of the series The Enigma VI and The Enigma V (Masterminds) were released. A numerical success of the New Age musical genre. With songs like After Of My Life, Of His Eyes The Peace, After Of Your Life, Sevent Heaven (The seventh heaven), Return to Myself, Beyond The After and The Man. [1]

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