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Ideally and if possible, any senior corporate employee should be accorded only one common title in Centiare, to optimize semantic searching. The more that users adhere to this guideline, the more likely their data will be found by people using Centiare's semantic search utility. Furthermore, if in doubt about Centiare's "preferred" rank and nomenclature of titles, the following list should be used to force consensus across the many differences that appear in the corporate working world. Within Centiare, please use only the following labels when naming Key Person titles:

  • Chair (as opposed to Chairperson, Chairman, Chairwoman, etc.)
  • Board (use for any non-Chair members of a Board of Directors)
  • CEO (as opposed to Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, President, Owner, etc.)
  • CFO (as opposed to Chief Financial Officer, Controller, etc.)
  • COO (as opposed to Chief Operations Officer, Senior Operations Manager, etc.)
  • CIO (as opposed to Chief Information Officer, Senior Technologist, MIS Director, etc.)
  • CMO (as opposed to Chief Marketing Officer, Communications Director, Director of Public Affairs, etc.)
  • SVP (as opposed to Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, Regional Director, Division Head, etc.)
  • VP (as opposed to Vice President, Senior Manager, etc.)
  • Manager (use as a catch-all for any middle management titles)
  • Legal (as opposed to Attorney, Corporate Counsel, General Counsel, etc.)

Additionally, consider whether the Founder of an organization is also the CEO or Chair (in which case use the CEO or Chair nomenclature), or whether he or she has been relegated to some non-executive role such as "Spokesperson", "Advisor", or some other honorary title (in which case, do not include this person as a Key Person in the Infobox; rather, notate them in the Founder field and feel free to write about them in the article space).

Adherence to this Style Guideline should by no means be considered mandatory, nor a perjorative assessment of any person's "actual" title at their company. It is merely a mechanism to make semantic searching more productive for more Centiare users. If only three companies in the United States choose to call their CIO the Data Ninja, that's very cute, but not at all useful to Centiare users who are looking for CIO types of personnel in the state of Michigan.

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