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Plastic Bag Making Machines are part of the plastic converting lines, which are used for manufacturing plastic packaging material from polythene resins. As the last unit of the converting line, bag machines process the printed and slitted plastic roll-film.

Plastic bag making machines produce bags that are either side sealed, or bottom sealed (sometimes referred to as bottom weld / bottom welded.) For both the bottom sealed bag and the side sealed bag, the main input material of the bag making process is two-layer roll-film. For the bottom sealed bag machines the input film is tubular shaped. On the other hand, for the side sealed bag machines, the input film is a single-layer roll film that is folded up to two layers by a v-shaped banding frame at the front end of the bag machine.

There are three-side sealed plastic bags beyond the bottom- and side sealed bags. These bags have usually different properties from the later types and are manufactured by machines that have different process steps than the regular bag making machines. The machines producing three-side sealed bags are discussed in a separate article titled Pouch bag machine. There are three main technological process steps of the bag making machine. First one is the gusseting, as far as the corresponding bag has bottom or side gusset(s). The next step is the sealing or welding that is done by pressing certain points of the two-layer film to a heating unit as the film runs through the machine welding together the two layers of the film at the required points. The last process step is cutting up the-two layer film into the right size.

Very important part of the whole technology is the process that controls the speed of the film running through the machine. The main process steps are repeated at an even pace, so the speed of the film needs to be very accurately controlled in order have the process steps applied at the required points and length of the film.


Market info

One of the North American poly bag making machinery suppliers is Plastic Equipment Co.

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Businesses related to Poly Bag Making Machines will identify themselves by the following 5-digit NAICS codes:

  • 33322 - Plastic manufacturing equipment manufacturers
  • 32611 - Plastic converting industry


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