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Morgan Marketing Online
SloganTips For Marketing Online Success
Type Private Company
Founded 2009
Headquarters Template:Coronado Coronado, California, USA
Key peopleJan Morgan, Key_Person1_Title:COO:General Manager
William Morgan, Chief Executive
Support Online Marketing products and services
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 4 (2010)
Contact 1033 B Ave Ste 101-125280
Coronado, CA 38116-0000
Web: [
Reference NAICS: 54163, 5418
Latitude: 32°41'"
Longitude: 117°11'"

Morgan Marketing Online is a web based company Online Marketing. It is a company that shares information regarding Internet Marketing including SEO, Social Network Brand Management, Video Marketing, Online Marketing Tools, Mobile Phone Marketing and Advertising on the internet.


After years of working as an engineer in the oil and gas industry stuck in malaria infested countries for years at a time as well as owning a traditional brick and mortar business that sold automated systems to the oil and gas industry I decided it was time to leverage my time and efforts to really start enjoying my life.

I knew it was time to step forward, put on my entrepreneurial hat and get serious.

If I wanted to be in control of my financial destiny without cutting back on my standard of living, I knew I would have to become self reliant and create wealth without depending on the government, or traditional retirement strategies that would put me into the golden poor house.

I also knew that in difficult economic times a traditional brick and mortar business wasn’t for me I'd been married to a business before and I wasn’t looking to reinvent the wheel. I was looking for something recession proof, that was portable so I could enjoy traveling and fishing around the world. I wanted something that would run 24/7 and work for me after I put the system in place on auto-pilot that I could work any where I chose a portable business.

I decided to take advantage of the world wide web. I was fascinated by marketing and a system that would allow me to leverage my time with an audience of millions and millions of people.

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