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This is the documentation page for Module:Clade

Template:Module rating Template:Uses TemplateStyles

This module is designed to be used with the clade template to draw phylogenetic trees or cladograms. The new template-module combination extends the feature available with the clade and cladex templates, while replicating the behaviour of the older templates written with the template language. This module is copied from the test version Module:Sandbox/Jts1882/CladeN, which was used with the template Template:CladeN to test the features during development.

Additionally, the module has the code for template {{clade newick converter}}, which is a basic utility to convert Newick strings into nested clade structures. This is not to be used in wikipedia articles, but is a tool to help construct cladograms for inclusion in articles.

The diagram below gives an overview of the features. See the template documentation for a more detailed description of how to use the templates.




Simple examples mimicking the clade template:

Example demonstrating more advanced features of cladeN:

Example demonstrating features available: