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About Centiare

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Other areas of Centiare

  • Extensions — Information on audio, video, widget, social and other Centiare supported extensions.
  • Water cooler — For discussions about Centiare itself, including areas for technical issues and policies.
  • Search engine optimizationSemantic tagging information related to Centiare SEO tools, tips and tricks.
  • Site news — Announcements, updates, articles and press releases on Centiare.
  • Cool stuff — Now you can buy all sorts of cool things with Centiare's logo splashed on top.

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Image of the week


A "Four Words" puzzle is a large square with a smaller square inside it. The smaller square contains a number of letters. The larger square has one word on each side; each word comprised of letters and blank spaces. To solve a Four Words puzzle you use the letters in the small square to complete the words around the large square. Use the letters in the small square only once.

This and other games are the creation of Vancouver Island based Punzhu Puzzles, which markets crosswords, kakuro, sudoku, and (more...)