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"Gone" is the first single from American Pop R&B, and Dance-Pop singer Sarey Savy from "Black & White". Due to lack of promotion, the single has been declined from some charts. The REA awarded Sarey a silver for the song's Harmony, Rhythm, and lyrics.


It debuted and peaked at #5 on the Seattle's Online Charts giving the review 4.0 out 5.0 stars, and debuted at #34 on the U.S. Top Internet Singles. Giving Sarey "The youngest ever to have a single debuting in 3 charts". Unlike Annasophia Robb's "Keep Your Mind Wide Open" which only debuted only on 1 chart hitting #90 in 2006, Sarey's Gone also debuted on Soundclick charts hitting #3 but around 30 minutes, the single fell to #134 for R&B out of 10,709 songs/beats, the single also debuted on Last.FM's charts hitting #500,000 which is the lowest number in the charts. It failed to debut on Soundclick's charts for Pop songs, and failed to chart on IndieCharts. Sarey's single seems to only hit online charts, but Soundclick consider their charts as "National" because of it's most hits on artist sign ups which is the first online charts to be half national but yet, online. Administrators describe Sarey's new single as "Strong". Making the single hit a total of close to 6 charts, but failed 2 charts making it only debuting on 4 charts. Sarey also failed to be a part of Myspace's Top Artists. REA has awarded the song a silver.


The first single from Gone Forever is "Gone" is planning to hit internet's best charts on August 26, 2009. The song has hit The U.S. Internet Charts at #34, and Seattle's Online Music Charts at #5. Last.fm [1], has offered Sarey for a worldwide premiere of the single and the singer agreed on the deal. On August 26 when it was first released total listeners were 12,000 but 1 hour later went to 200 listeners making the single "The shortest listeners ever", on Last.FM online radio. The single has been downloaded 26 times, but, later received 100 downloads in 5 hours. On Sarey's shoutouts/comments on Last.FM people has said "Sarey needs to step up a lot more for it to debut on the Last.FM more it needs to be sang with emotion". The cover was also described as "Has emotion but, not enough".


Soundclick Charts

Chart (2009) Song Peak Position
Soundclick Charts Pop Gone 719 Drops every so often [2]
Soundclick Pop General Gone 1,478 Drops Every So Often


Chart (2010) Song Peak Position
REA Top 100 Gone Debuts at #32

Release History

Site (2009) Song Format
Last.FM Gone Digital Download/Online Airplay


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