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"Black & White" is the upcoming debut album from "America's Got Talent"'s Sarey Savy. The singer worked with jess Conners on the upcoming prject and himself saying "I learned more independence." Thus, Gone has been underground commercial success although, because of Convince Me and Pull The Trigger the album was delayed many times prior to release. The album is set for release May 23, 2010. So far it has not been a commercial success in the underground industry, as of Febuary 13, 2010 Savy has discovered that the album may not be released to the public.


Black & White has said to be the singer's average rating album. Filled with pop, electro-pop and R&B sounds the album has been reaching many critics on Soundclick. "I like the sound i really do" says a critic from Famecast. Savy said "This time around i want a more mature sound something adults can even rock to." Gone has been one of Sarey's most successful songs since the remake of Don't Stop Believin. Savy has claimed to have many songs prepared for the album including a photoshoot being related to the album. Savy has said he is wanting to make a few changes in his voice. "I feel like if i want a mature sound, i'm going to have to have a more mature voice." says the singer. The debut album will be released through CDBaby if the album doesn't delay on May 23, 2010.


Savy has describe the tracks as "loving, touching" but, the opinion was turned around when Allmusic got their hands on the tracks. Gone seems to be successful byfar with Allmusic and Vitcory Music. "Gone" was released as the album Black & White's lead single underground commercialy worldwide on Last.FM on August 30, 2009, through digital distribution. The song was critically appreciated with reviewers complimenting its club anthem-like nature and the guitar-pop associated with it. It has not however, achieve success through charts in different coutries but, has made an internet attraction on Soundclick espicially. The song was originally only released as a demo until The Profit Productions a label started in 2009 had just formed. The single won an award from Famecast fans and it debuted at #3 for a week then fell down quickly. Famecast awards honored Savy's Gone as "Catchy rhythm" as a result the award was being promoted to being number 1 on the Tween Pop Radio a station that played on the radio until 2008 of June. The song gained viral attention after being requested several times in a week on Tween Pop Radio then it's notability began decreasing. Savy has not yet performed the single anywhere live. The single was given a 3 out of 5 from Victory Music which is an average and another 3 out of 5 from Tween Pop Radio also. A Few songs were released as promotional singles like "When I Loved You" feat.Viki Nuon and "Stuck With Each Other Cover" also, "Crank It Up".

Dancing With The Earth is said to be Savy's second single according to Savy's Facebook.

Chart Performance

  • His first single Gone not only got great raves, and reviews but, the single has been on Last.FM's "World Premiere" which all website listeners or visitors hear the track and vote for it's highest place Gone breaking the website's scene hit "The top 25" debuting at #12 and counting which is the singer's most successful single to date ever since "Don't Stop Believing".
  • Pull The Trigger posted on Sarey's myspace on November 10th, 2009 the single debuted on the Soundclick charts hitting #882 [1]

Confirmed Tracks


These songs have been leaked on the internet.

  • Houstatlantavegas Cover
  • Crank It Up
  • Stuck With Each Other Cover
  • Black & Gold Response
  • Convince Me
  • When I Loved You Feat.Viki Nuon


Charts For Album Below

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  • Kari Champoux - Wardrobe Stylist, Personal Stylist
  • Sarey Savy - Vocals, Background Vocals
  • Jess Conners - Mastering
  • Kari Champoux - Creative Designer, Photo Editor
  • Jess Conners - Mixing, Engineering
  • Kari Champoux - Photographer
  • Sarey Savy, Jess Conners, Savy Phok – executive producer, A&R, project manager
  • Jess Conners, The Profit Productions – executive producer


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