Eleven Eleven Club/2011

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The day is coming

The Eleven Eleven Club's 2011 event will be a once-in-a-century experience. While annual meetings of the past have been fun, memorable, and profitable, this year's extravaganza at the Atlantic City Harrah's Resort promises to kick it up not just a notch, but all the way to eleven. So, save the date...

Friday, November 11, 2011.

What you need to know

While each guest may feel the need to customize their visit, we recommend the following game plan as your basic guide to optimize your experience with us.

  • Friday, November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) creates an iconic date triple that happens only once every century. Take the day off from work. Arrange for overnight baby sitting and pet sitting. Don't short-change your visit by getting stuck in rush-hour traffic on Friday evening. Clear your calendar.
  • You'll need a place to sleep. Book a room (soon!) at Harrah's or one of the neighboring casino hotels (prices as of June 11):
- Harrah's offers rooms as low as $293.86 (including taxes and fees)
- Borgata offers rooms as low as $259.66 (including taxes and fees)
- Golden Nugget (the former Trump Marina) offers rooms as low as $152.06 (including taxes and fees)
Plenty of space to mingle
A room with a view
  • We have reserved a 1,255-square-foot Waterfront Corner Suite that will serve as our base of operations for the entire group, from 4:11 PM Friday until 12:12 AM Saturday. We ask for a $33-per-person "hospitality fee" to help cover costs for this spacious visiting area, hot foods, bartender, games, and souvenirs.
  • Bring your own beer, wine, and/or liquor. We will provide the wet bar, ice, refrigerator space, soda, mixers, cups, cherries, lemon and lime wedges, salt, blender, etc.
  • Bring an appetizer or snack (at least 11 servings) that does not need to be heated before serving. We will also order hot foods via room service. We plan to serve food between 6:11 PM and 8:11 PM.
  • Obviously, bring your $11 for the community bet on black eleven at 11:11 PM, down on the casino floor.
  • Take a dip, 82 degrees in November
    Bring your swimsuit. The main indoor pool at Harrah's is adults-only and environmentally controlled for year-round comfort.

Who gets the master suite king bed?

The Waterfront Corner Suite comes with a king bed master bedroom and a master bathroom that are bound to make memories.

One heck of a water closet

The Eleven Eleven Club president Trent Van Doren has foot the bill ($1,032) for the master suite and the adjoining standard two-bed room, which will be sublet from the Van Dorens by the Kohses for $294. We're estimating the rack-rate value of the master suite bedroom/bath at $400, so that leaves $338 as the net value for group use of the community space in the suite that evening. About $20 of the $33 "hospitality fee" will go toward covering that $338 balance, with the remaining $13 helping to defray costs for the food and bar amenities. (Should we have a surplus of guests covering all costs, the overage money will -- at the vote of the guests -- either be refunded on a pro-rated basis or pooled together to add more money to the 11:11 PM roulette bet.)

There is one pull-out queen sofa-bed in the suite's community space. Contact Trent at roulette11@aol.com if you are interested in subletting that space, and the club will adjust the hospitality fee calculations accordingly.

The Waterfront Corner Suite closes to club visitors at 12:12 AM on Saturday. Check-out time is 12:00 Noon.

Try it yourself

For those who wish to experience a Waterfront Corner Suite for themselves, the Thursday-night price (11/10/2011) is approximately $675 (including taxes and fees), while the Friday-night price (11/11/2011) is approximately $1200 (including taxes and fees). A group of three or four couples feasibly could reserve their own Waterfront Corner Suite with adjoining two-bed room on Friday for $1,200, splitting the costs as you feel appropriate (master king bed, pull-out queen in the living room, and two queen beds in the adjoining standard room).

Schedule of events

The following are selected activities that you may wish to enjoy at Harrah's. Attend those that interest you, skip those that don't. Note that visitors who elect to stay at The Borgata or the Golden Nugget will not have full access to all of these activities (e.g., The Pool at Harrah's is available for open-swim only to registered hotel guests, and elevator access to the Waterfront Corner Suite may be restricted after certain hours without a room key).

Thursday, November 10

  • 11:11 PM - Warm-up bet on 11 at Tropicana casino

Friday, November 11

  • 12:11 AM - Karaoke at Planet Rose in The Quarter at Tropicana
  • 7:11 AM - 5:11 PM - The Pool at Harrah's (82 degrees, year round -- locker rooms and showers available with proof of check-in)
  • 11:11 AM - The Day Bet (Harrah's casino floor)
  • 12:11 PM - Lunch at Harrah's Waterfront Buffet
  • 1:11 PM - $100 poker tournament at Harrah's poker room (begins at 1:15)
  • 1:11 PM - Red Door Spa (reservations at 609.441.5333)
  • 3:11 PM - Waterfront Shops (Galleria-style shopping at its finest)
  • 4:11 PM - Waterfront Corner Suite club opens (please bring $33 hospitality fee)
  • 6:11 PM - Hors d'oeuvres dinner party in the Suite (please bring a non-heated platter to serve 11)
  • 7:11 PM - TV set tuned to Michigan State playing North Carolina in basketball, on the deck of an aircraft carrier
  • 8:11 PM - Triple Eleven Round-Robin of Luck contest (in the Suite)
  • 9:11 PM - Shut The Box tournament (bring dollars)
  • 10:11 PM - Best vocal impressions contest: Tom Jones for the men, Olivia Newton-John for the women, then vice versa
  • 11:11 PM - The Bet of the Century (Harrah's casino floor), the only mandatory event

Saturday, November 12

  • 12:12 AM - Waterfront Corner Suite closes to guests
  • 12:12 AM - The Pool After Dark dance club
  • 1:12 AM - Shots of 99 Bananas Schnapps
  • 2:12 AM - Scavenger hunt - Be the first to obtain the names of the patrons who look the most like Carmen Electra and The Situation; then (for a bonus prize) get them to kiss each other
  • 3:12 AM - Craps tutorial, with Shooter Ed
  • 7:12 AM - 5:12 PM - The Pool (82 degrees, year round -- locker rooms and showers available for checked-in guests)
  • 11:12 AM - Brunch at the Waterfront Buffet
  • 1:12 PM - Miniature golf tournament - 4th floor Harbour Tower (weather permitting)
  • 1:12 PM - Investment club Let It Ride poker (rain event)
  • 2:12 PM - Viking Cooking School class (typically begin on Saturdays at 2:30 -- about $65 per person)
  • 4:12 PM - Investment club Let It Ride poker (rain or shine)
  • 5:12 PM - Stragglers' dinner (for anyone still left standing) at Angeloni's II

Confirmed guests

Please RSVP to 484.NEW.WIKI or to thekohser@gmail.com, and your name will be added to the appropriate list below.

Will attend

  1. Alick, David
  2. Babey, Jeff
  3. Birkett, Geoff
  4. Birkett, Laurence
  5. Chappelle, Anne
  6. Chappelle, Todd
  7. Kohs, Gregory
  8. Kohs, Stephanie
  9. McBurnie, Michelle
  10. McBurnie, Rob
  11. Moersdorf, Steve
  12. (Huesmann)-Moersdorf-to-be, Marlena
  13. Schwartz, Bob
  14. Shapiro, Mark
  15. Smedley, Bridgid
  16. Smedley, Tom
  17. Strother, Ed
  18. Strother, Jen
  19. Turini, Mike
  20. Turini, Wanda (Toro)
  21. Van Doren, Christian
  22. Van Doren, Lisa
  23. Gallagher, Stacey (Van Doren)
  24. Van Doren, Trent
  25. Van Doren, Vanessa
  26. Wojcik, Curt

Maybe attending

  1. Brooks, Andrea
  2. Gargano, Michael
  3. Hall, Phil
  4. Hockenbury, Paul
  5. McTamney Vasil, Beth
  6. Murphy, Traci
  7. Ree, Mare
  8. Reese, Bessie
  9. Ryan, Mary
  10. Toporek, Amy

Will not attend

  1. Caputo, Lisa Capodanno
  2. Dinkler, Lori
  3. Ebersole, Chris
  4. Gallo, Al
  5. Gallo, Jen Stearns
  6. Gorman, Katie Lynch
  7. Murphy, Colin
  8. Murphy, Traci
  9. Rocco, Paul
  10. Ryan, Christina
  11. Ryan, Melissa
  12. Scalley, Sean
  13. Schmidt, Jennifer
  14. Sussman, Adam