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Precision Photonics
Precision Photonics logo
SloganMaking the impossible possible=
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Founded 2000
FounderChris Myatt and Sally Hatcher
Headquarters Template:Country data US Boulder, Colorado, USA
Key peopleChris Myatt, CEO
Sally Hatcher, President
ProductsEtalons, high-energy laser mirrors, high-energy broadband mirrors, broadband dispersion-free mirrors, custom beamsplitters & dichroics, polarizing beamsplitter cubes, thin-film plate polarizers, waveplates, micro-optics, solid state laser assemblies, prisms & assemblies, custom IBS coatings
Contact 3180 Sterling Circle
Boulder, CO 80301-2362
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Precision Photonics develops, manufactures and sells optical components. These technologies are provided to industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, defense and biomedical.


Precision Photonics Corporation (PPC) was founded in 2000 in Boulder, Colorado by Chris Myatt and Sally Hatcher. Myatt earned a BS degree in Physics, a BA in Mathematics and a PhD in Atomic Physics. Hatcher earned her BA from Southern Methodist University and a J.D. from the University of Colorado.

The company was creating using engineers and scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the JILA research facility at CU-Boulder. PPC has a world-class team of engineers and technicians.

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