Paradisio Records

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Paradisio Records

Paradisio Records is a label that allows artists to develop whilst on the label. Paradisio Records currently is an independent label, but is accepting more artists. Paradisio Records started off with an idea. Now, two artists are gearing to go onto conquering the world with the talent that could captivate anyone. Newly signed Leon Chambers and Jordan Dalrymple are both asounding acts with impeccable voices. Being a new and independent label, Paradisio Records is bringing to the fore talent that is unstoppable, always on the look-out for new talent. With artists such as Jordan Dalrymple and Leon Chambers signed to this brilliant Independent label, there is no reason as to why this label will not continue to grow, as it flourishes with talent in British R&B.

Current Roster

Jordan Dalrymple

Devone Jones

Leon Chambers