Jordan Dalrymple

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Jordan Dalrymple
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Birth name Jordan Dalrymple
Born London, United Kingdom
Genre(s) Contemporary R&B, Soul, Pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Years active 2007–present
Label(s) Paradisio Records (in association)
Associated acts Devone Jones, Leon Chambers
Website YouTube Channel

Jordan Dalrymple is a singer, songwriter and producer, who is in association with Paradisio Records.

Debut EP

Jordan's debut EP is currently being developed with Paradisio Records after deciding to sign with the label if the the EP is a success. Jordan has not decided on a name for the EP, but there are tracks confirmed for the EP, such as Injustice, which will be produced by Devone Jones. Jordan Dalrymple is planning to release the EP with Paradisio in November, with recording starting in June. Devone Jones has stated that Being Myself will be released around that time, but not too close to Jordan's debut EP. The EP will probably have a duet, although this is not confirmed by Jordan Dalrymple and Paradisio Records.

Confirmed Tracks

  1. Injustice
  2. Pass Me By
  3. Walk Alone
  4. Strength
  5. I Gotcha
  6. Poor Man's Heaven