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Being Myself is the second album from DQ and the first album to be released on Paradisio Records and with his stage name BlueSuedeGuy. The album is said to have a more "soulful, rockier and edgier sound to it."

Production of songs

DQ teamed up with Leon Chambers on a track called Scar, which will be included on this new album. It has been reported that producers Beerjeraz, BenL, Jordan Dalrymple and AssasiNation will team up with Devone on Being Myself. This album is scheduled for a release in mid 2010, although the album is already being recorded. J.A.B, a.k.a James Brereton has agreed to produce Nostalgic Future, the title track on the album, for DQ. Beerjeraz is confirmed as one of the producers on the album who will produce the track 'Today'.

Re-schedule and Change in Paradisio Records

A recent re-schedule and change in Paradisio Records meant that DQ released an EP edition of Nostalgic Future, the previous name for the album, which was released on 18th of June. The album was removed in September due to low sales. The art cover has changed due to Devone's professional name changing to DQ.


The cover art for the re-release of Shawty.

Scar (feat. Leon Chambers) was released in order to get some commercial attention, but failed to chart and was released to negative reviews. The song was included on the EP edition of Nostalgic Future, but still didn't pick up any attention fromt the British public. The second single will be a re-release of Shawty, due to the poor sales after being released on the first album. The song has an accompanying video and a scheduled release of 5th of October, making it the first fully commercial single released on Paradisio Records and the fourth single released by DQ.


  1. Scar (introducing Leon Chambers) - (Leon Chambers, DQ)
  2. Forever - (DQ)
  3. The Last Laugh - (DQ)
  4. Under The Radar- (DQ, AssasiNation)
  5. Do It With Love - (DQ)
  6. Nostalgic Future - (J.A.B, DQ)
  7. Life's A Rollercoaster - (DQ)
  8. Elope - (DQ, Jordan Dalrymple)
  9. Today - (Beerjeraz, DQ)
  10. Shawty - (DQ)
  11. I'ts Not Fair - (DQ)
  12. Story - (DQ)

Release History

Region Date Format
Worldwide 24th February, 2010 Digital Download