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New Dating Life
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2006|2006]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=San Francisco|San Francisco]], [[State_Name:=California|California]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Charles Paul|Charles Paul]], CEO
Charles Paul, General Manager
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Dating Services|Dating]]
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Dating Services for Singles|Dating Advice]]
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 11 (2006)
Contact 479 Post Street
San Francisco, Ca 94102-0000
[ New Dating Life website]
Reference NAICS: 32311, 32312
Region: [[Region1:=San Francisco|Directory:San Francisco]]
Latitude: 35°01'10.59"
Longitude: -90°01'30.35"

New Dating Life is a dating services company dating company located in San Francisco, California. It is the largest dating service in the San Francisco Bay area.



New Dating Life started business in 2006 in a small classroom in San Jose, California. As the business expanded, it moved in 2007 to a larger facility in San Francisco on Post Street where the owner could be closer to the heart of San Francisco. Recently the company finished its first feature film.

"Dating Doc" is about the dating struggle of four socially misunderstood singles looking for love. These men and women will be forced to challenge their own limitations and encounter come to grips with their biggest fears. Many will fail but who will fall in love in the end? Many will crack under the pressure and will somebody quit? Many will discover that their biggest enemy is themselves?

Charles Paul, “Dating Doc” has been teaching his social foundation to many different types of people all over the world. Through his experiences, sales profession, coaching and role-playing, Dating Doc "Charles Paul" has developed one of the best social tools to meet both men & women. As a result, he has single handedly challenged the realm of dating and will change it forever. Dedicated students now teach other men the 7 rules of Dating and every word is cherished like it is the fountain of youth. Charles Paul works with both men and women who desire happiness in the most difficult dating cities in the world. Many singles these days are pressed for time have short attention spans and are difficult to engage in conversations.

In the NDL series, "Dating Doc," three men and one woman will experience a glorious six-week journey to find happiness and love. Over the course of the full feature movie, the men and woman will learn the 7 rules of Dating. Live in the Moment, Convey confidence, Keep it Simple, Keep it Light, Pay Attention, Build Commonalities & Make Plans.

But this Dating Doc doesn’t teach theory in the classroom. Charles Paul, believes the fastest way to find a new dating life is by experiences and real-world situations. The “Dating Doc” and his four students will put theory into action, going to clubs, festivals and even the beach in an attempt to find love. Via long range cameras, Charles Paul is always watching and reviewing footage to help his students excel in each interaction.

With each interaction, the students become more aware of their internal struggles and the presence of the Dating Doc in their life, some taking his knowledge and other defiant of the rules. At the end of the six weeks, one will find marriage, another will find many dates, one will continue to challenge himself and the other will be alone. The four students will never be the same and their lives change forever.

"Dating Doc" is a production of ScaryCow Productions and NDL. Charles Gellman is the executive producer for NDL Entertainment.

"Dating Doc" was recently a awarded 3rd place at the ScaryCow Film Festival in San Francisco on October 4th, 2009.

ScaryCow Productions[2]

"Dating Doc" The FilmKevins' Story


[3] NewDatingLife Dating Services

[4] ScaryCow Productions

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