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Eye Care Clinic (Myopia)
Eye Care Clinic Myopia logo
SloganA Lifetime of Good Vision Through Good Eye Care
Type Private Company
Founded 1993
Headquarters 3 Mt. Elizabeth Suite #03-08, Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Key peopleDr Tony Ho, Director
Dr Yap Eng Yiat, Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist
Products/ High Myopia Treatments
/ Atropine Eyedrops Theraphy
Contact +65 67351188
Web: Eye Care Clinic (Myopia)
Reference NAICS: 32311, 32312
Region: Singapore
Latitude: 1.3667° N
Longitude: 103.7500° E

Eye Care Clinic was founded in 1993 by Mt Elizabeth Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Tony Ho to provide advanced quality private specialist eye care for Singaporeans and foreign patients from the region and around the world. The clinic is now well-established and is a recognised trusted name in Singapore private eye-care. Dr Ho's views and opinions are frequently sought by the news and media. Indeed Eye Care Clinic has to date treated over 20,000 patients and seen over 100,000 patients visits.

Dr Tony Ho presently serves as Director of Clinical Services including Lasik Services. His associate, Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr Yap Eng Yiat serves as Director of Comprehensive Ophthalmology with focused interests in cataract, retina  and  glaucoma. The clinic has expanded to include the main clinic located at Mt.Elizabeth Medical Centre, Clearvision Lasik centre and three sub-urban clinics located at convenient locations across the island.

Clearvision Eye Clinic was established in 2001 as a Lasik specialty clinic and provides convenient in-house LASIK surgery using the Bausch and Lomb advanced Zyoptic 217z wavefront Lasik System and has both the Hansatome, Moria, and Amadeus microkeratomes for cornea flap creation.


Atropine Eyedrops Therapy

The eyes of today's children have no time to relax. Reading, writing, watching television, using the computer, surfing the internet or playing video games. Not surprisingly, about half of our primary school children are shortsighted. But there's good news, childhood myopia control can be controlled through atropine eyedrops therapy.

In the past, eye doctors used atropine eyedrops safely for treating childhood eye conditions such as lazy eye and squints. Recent scientific studies have found that when atropine 1% drops are instilled regularly into the eyes of children, myopia progression can be retarded or stopped.

High Myopia

The highly myopic child is presumed to be genetically predisposed and therefore prone to rapid myopia progression.  Therefore, more frequent optometric reviews are recommended here. These visits should be conducted every three to four months instead of half-yearly.

The more frequent visits are necessary to ensure that spectacles prescriptions are kept current. Spectacles and contact lens care advice are given. Time should be spent on good eye care counseling for a holistic management approach. Highly myopic eyes are more prone to developing certain eye disorders. Although these problems usually start from adulthood, the child with high myopia may suffer from an early onset. Regular reviews will enable early detection and treatment.

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