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Gonville and Caius 199/105

Vellum, 7 4/5 x6, ff. 114, 23-24 lines to a page. Cent xiii, in a contracted hand, with copious mai^nal and interlinear notes.

Old binding, skin over boards : fragment of a medical MS. (xiii) in the first cover.

  • Porphyrii Isagoge Boethius f. 001
  • Liber Praedicamentorum (Boethii) Boethius f. 018
  • Liber Periarmoniarum (periermenias) Boethius f. 049
  • Liber Divisionum Boethius f. 069
  • Liber sex principiorum f. 091
  • Liber topicorum Boecii Aristotle f. 107
  • Liber Elenchorum (Aristotelis) Aristotle f. 157

On the following pages are notes (p. 224 legal), and a scribble,

Edwardus dei gracia rex Anglie etc.

15 Gonville&Caius Cambridge England Boethius Aristotle