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The Logic Museum is devoted to the history of Logic up to and including the period of Frege and Russell. 'Traditional Logic' has a long history, and is much richer than implied by standard treatments of the subject (usually limited to a cursory discussion of the syllogistic moods, and the Square of opposition). The site is still under construction, but includes online texts not available elsewhere, links to other history of logic sites, and a discussion page.

What's new

Thanks to both Googlepages and Geocities closing down their free sites, the whole of the Logic Museum is now moving here.

October 12 2010. The new site is here . It will be for parallel texts and discussions. This site will remain for biographies and other material best suited to a wiki format.

October 31 2009. I have scanned in Albertus' Commentary Commentary on the Metaphysics and have started to upload it (it is a massive work of over 700 pages). The text is mostly uncorrected, except for the first few tracts. Over the coming year I will be correcting the text.



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