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'Gonville and Caius 100/53

Vellum, ff. 192 + 2, 52 lines to a page. Cent, xv, in a small and terrifically contracted hand. 2 fo. secundum modum.

Old binding, skin over boards, clasps gone.

Willelmus de Ocham super primum sententiarum.

Circa prologum quero primo utrum sit possibile intgiitctum.

Ends f. 1 88^: sed est conformis voluntati diuine.

Expl. scriptum fr. Willelmi de Hocham super primum sententiarum. It scriptor sanus sit sua sana manus.

On f. 189 is a tabula questionum.

The last leaf is from a pretty xiiith cent, manuscript of Decretals in double columns.

15 Gonville&Caius Cambridge England William of Ockham