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SloganStraight to the bank
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2007|2007]]
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Key peopleHenrik Skov Andersen, CEO
Ami Klein, Chief Technical Office
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services |Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services ]]
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Credit Intermediation and Related Activities |Credit Intermediation and Related Activities ]]
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg 10 (2007)
OwnerNetGroup Holding
Contact 40 Store Kongensgade
Copenhagen, 1264
[ InPay website]
Reference Latitude: 55° 40' 58.29"
Longitude: +12° 35' 11.29

InPay is an alternative E-commerce payment method. InPay is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and was introduced in 2008.

InPay is based on a technology that enables online bank transfers to e-shops to be cleared in seconds and not in days as a normal wire transfer. InPay is similiar to the Dutch iDEAL and US based NACHA-The Electronic Payments Association Secure Vault Payments, but is international instead of local.

InPay applied for a US patent in 2007 for its technology (Patent Application 11/442,094).

How it works

InPay offers merchants a real-time method for accepting Internet payments. Shoppers uses their online bank. No sensitive information is being shared with the merchant, such as credit card numbers. There is no chargeback possibility however, which is a disadvantage for the shopper. This is considered a advantage by the merchants.

InPay works as follows:

  • Merchant offers InPay as payment method, typically in addition to the regular credit card payment options
  • Shopper selects InPay and selects his bank
  • Shopper is redirected to his online bank
  • Shopper log in and transfer requested amount to InPay account in the same bank
  • InPay registers the transfer immediately
  • Merchant receives real-time confirmation of the payment from InPay
  • Shopper is redirected back to the merchant page with a confirmation that the payment was successful

Other instant bank transfer methods

  • Single Euro Payments Area]] is expected to offer instantaneous transfers after 2011 in the Eurozone
  • iDEAL Local Dutch system

External links

  • [1] NACHA Secure Vault Payments
  • [2] SEPA
  • [3]


  • [[4] InPay Patent Application 11/442,094]
  • [[5] Payment Wars: The Merchant-Bank Struggle for Control of Payment Systems.] By Adam J. Levitin, Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and Finance, Vol. 12, 2007

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