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DW, Davie K
5th grade poetry
Residence Milwaukee, WI
Born 05/10/1988
Erie PA
Known for only to the weak and rusting Milwaukee music scene
Occupation Video artist and Musician
Contact 123.456.7890
Reference Latitude: 40°37′57.4″N
Longitude: 74°55′24.2″W

D. Kent Watson is a video artist and musician from Boise Idaho. He frequently releases videos under the youtube account kenter2000. In high school he wrote music with Greg Karnes over the internet by file sharing song projects. The two wrote under the name “Buffalo E. I. and Greg” and in a lengthy interview with Rick Katschke on the podcast show “Host and Guest” he said that the two combined had written over 300 songs over a 3 and a half year period. He did than add that it was more than likely that that didn't mean that he wrote “300 good songs.” In college (2006 to present) he met Jeremy Rogers, Dan Mahoney and Kevin Christiansen and joined their band At Latl. He also plays music in a side project called P.O.K.E. (property of kent and eric). Eric Haven, from the band lives in Boise Idaho and file shares music over the internet. D. Kent Watson currently lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

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