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Cocoon Wellness
Cocoon wellness logo1.jpg
SloganBringing healing home
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2000|2000]]
Headquarters Template:Country data CAN [[City:=Vancouver|Vancouver]], [[State_Name:=British Columbia|British Columbia]], [[Country_Name:=Canada|CAN]]
Key peopleGiselle Nagy, President
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Massage parlors|Personal Care]]
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Personal fitness trainer|Personal Services]]
ProductsIn-home Stretch Therapy
One on one Stretch Therapy & Warm-up Clinic
Stretch Therapy & Warm-up Clinic Classes

Mobile In-home Massage
Stretch Therapy
Post-natal Massage
Pregnancy Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Physio Therapy
Posture & Flexibilty
Contact 2168 W2nd Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K 1H6
[ Stretch Therapy]]
Reference NAICS: 812199
NAICS: 812990
Latitude: 49°16'11.69"
Longitude: 123° 9'15.62"

Cocoon Wellness mobile in-home massage, physio and strength conditioning. Founder Giselle Nagy has carefully selected a diverse team of therapists and specialists with the most outstanding track record of client care in Vancouver. The main drive that unifies the Cocoon Wellness team is their passion for healing and supporting their clients well-being and performance. Cocoon Welnesss's service is available in Vancouver and in the Sea to Sky area of beautiful British Columbia.

Our Goals

Cocoon is a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation portraying positive influence through touch, knowledge and caring guidance.

Whether you are a part of the Vancouver community or traveling in Vancouver, BC, we promise to take good care of you!

Our products and services

At Cocoon Wellness, we offer mobile massage and bodywork, innovative Stretch Therapy and Strength Conditioning. Our affordable mobile wellness plans can be shared with family and friends whenever-wherever you are in Vancouver, Squamish or Whistler. Contact us today and reserve time to rejuvenate, heal or recover. Our associates have one common goal: to care for you! Find a Stretch Therapist, Massage Practitioner or Personal Trainer here. Cocoon Wellness Associates offer both traditional and innovative services. Our sercices prevent injuries, enable rapid healing and regeneration of your body. Find a Massage modality that is best suited to eliminate your signs and syptoms, learn new, efficient exercises throught Stretch Therapy or sign up for Educational Workshops that inspires a balanced healthy lifestyle. Our wellness coaches will guide and empower you to maintain and restore your body’s own natural healing power. Embrace a new sense of vitality and experience progressive, positive health benefits with Cocoon Wellness Services.

Name: Cocoon Wellness/Stretch Therapy

Address: 2168
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Zip: V6K 1H6
Country: Canada
Phone: (604) 788-5432

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