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Eyecare Clinic (Cataract)
Eyecare Clinic Cataract logo
SloganTotal Eyecare, Our Forte!
Type Private Company
Founded 1993
Headquarters 3 Mt. Elizabeth Suite #03-08, Mt. Elizabeth Medical Centre, Singapore 228510
Key peopleDr Tony Ho, Director
Dr Yap Eng Yiat, Director of Comprehensive Ophthalmologist
Medical (Cataract)
Products/ Cataract Surgery Package
/ Cataract Treatments-Lens Implant
Contact +65 6100 2211
Web: Eyecare Clinic (Cataract)
Reference NAICS: 32311, 32312
Region: Singapore
Latitude: 1.3667° N
Longitude: 103.7500° E

Its success is reflected by the fact that since then, the clinic has attended to well over 20,000 patients and recorded over 100,000 patient visits! In 2001, Dr Ho set up the Clearvision Eye Clinic, an extension dedicated to excellence in refractive surgery i.e. surgery to reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses or contacts. The following is a list of our popular service requests:

Comprehensive full eye medical examination:

  • Lasik, Epi-Lasik and Lens implant surgery for myopia, astigmatism and Farsightedness
  • Cataract surgery
  • Atropine eyedrops therapy for childhood myopia control
  • Glaucoma screening and management
  • Surgery to correct presbyopia or middle-age farsightedness
  • Surgery for retinal detachment and retinal tears
  • Diabetic eye disease management
  • Childhood squint surgery
  • Pterygium and pingueculate surgery using tissue glue
  • Cosmetic and medical eyelid disorders e.g. droopy lids, inturned eyelashes, etc

What is Cataract

A cataract is essentially a clouding or loss of clarity of the clear crystalline lens of the eye. Cataracts are common as we age. It can be said that all of us will develop cataracts sooner or later in our life. Unsurprisingly, cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed throughout the world. If you are diagnosed with cataract, rest assured! A cataract is not a tumour or growth in the eye.

The most common cause of cataract is aging. But there are other causes. In infants, a cataract may be caused by infection, chemical imbalance, or developmental abnormality. Hereditary factors may also play a role in the development of cataracts. Diabetes and taking certain long-term medications such as steroids can also speed up development of cataract. Other causes include injury to the eye, excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking and extreme myopia.

Cataract Treatments - Lens Implant

For patients with cataracts and suffer from extreme myopia, surgically implanted lenses, known also as intraocular lenses, is one of the solution. Resembling contact lenses, implants are placed between the cornea and iris. Implantable lenses function like contact lenses within the eye and hence are a new option for those who seek more permanent means of vision correction.

Lens implanation is a procedure that is suitable for the minority of eyes suffering from extreme myopia of over 12 Dioptres (1,200 degrees) or for those with accompanying cataract. Here, a small incision is made in the cornea and an artificial lens made of plastic, silicone or acrylic is implanted inside the eye, either in front of the natural crystalline lens or in its place. No stitches are used. Visual recovery is rapid and painless with the eye seeing well the next day.

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