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C.D. Plus Inc.
C.D. Plus Inc. Logo
SloganThe World\'s Largest Freshwater Pearl Market Online.
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2002|2002]]
FounderTsutomu Toma
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Santee|Santee]], [[State_Name:=California|California]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Key people[[Key_Person1:=Tsutomu Toma|Tsutomu Toma]], President
Industry[[NAICS_Code1_Title:=Cultured Pearl Production|Freshwater Pearls]]
[[NAICS_Code2_Title:=Cultured Pearl Jewelry Manufacturing|Pearl Jewelry]]
[[NAICS_Code3_Title:=Pearl Drilling|Pearl Drilling/setting and other customization services]]
[[NAICS_Code4_Title:=Wholesale Cultured Pearl Distribution|Wholesale Pearl Distribution]]
EmployeesGreen Arrow Up.svg Undisclosed (2009)
SubsidiariesOriental Pearls
Cathay Gems
China Direct Pearls
OwnerTsutomu Toma
Contact 8406 N Magnolia Ave, STE D
Santee, CA 92071-4640
Oriental Pearls line: (619) 405-3938
Cathay Gems Line: (619) 405-2879
Generic Office Landline: (619) 258-5888
Fax Line: (866) 486-2591
[, the primary website of C.D. Plus Inc]
Reference NAICS: 112512, 339911, 339913, 423940
Region: [[Region1:=San Diego|San Diego]]
Latitude: 32°49'43.5642"
Longitude: -116°57'46.9656"

C.D. Plus Inc is a pearl and pearl jewelry company with its headquarters in Santee, California. It specializes in the sale of Freshwater Pearls and Freshwater Pearl Jewelry and operates both a retail end that is open to the public as well as selling wholesale to Jewelers, Non-profits and other various corporations. It currently offers one of the largest selections of freshwater pearls available from any American pearl seller and does so through the use of its own Pearl farm and Jewelry factory.


C.D. Plus Inc was founded in 2002 in Santee California and initially ran its operations directly from the home of its founder Tsutomu Toma in a time when jewelers were still just starting to make use of the internet and access to quality pearls was still a well kept secret. Starting first with a combination of an online presence, which was very rare at the time for jewelry sellers as well as attending jewelry shows the company's efforts were later consolidated into an entirely online operation in 2006 and later the business was finally moved to its own office.

Starting first with one website,, the business was originally focused on selling wholesale to jewelers and using the internet to reach a broader audience then those who just attended jewelry shows. This website was later re-purposed in 2003 to sell direct to the public, with wholesale operations moved to a separate area of the website. In 2006, the company finally consolidated its business approach to a purely internet driven one.

Later, C.D. Plus Inc. expanded its operations with a second website, in April of 2007. While was focused more around ready-made jewelry that could be shipped immediately this new website was focused on made to order items and custom jewelry; It included a much larger selection since shipment times were longer, which allowed for items to be made to order first at the company factory and then shipped direct to its headquarters for repackaging and final delivery.

As the wholesale side of the business started to swell in 2008 C.D. Plus Inc expanded its wholesale department and moved the wholesale side of the business to a separate domain,, providing businesses large and small with the same level of convenience enjoyed by consumers purchasing retail goods online, but with cut-rate wholesale pricing on all items.

Currently C.D. Plus Inc sells its jewelry worldwide, both to the public as well as hundreds of businesses both large and small on a regular basis, providing not just finished jewelry but also the raw materials and in some cases, even acting entirely as a third-party manufacturer for other companies' lines of pearl jewelry.

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