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Australian Paralympic Committee
Type Non-Profit Organization
Founded 1990
Key peopleJason Hellwig, CEO
Greg Hartung, President
Laura Hale, Publicist
RevenueGreen Arrow Up.svgA$109 thousand (2009)
A$ 23 million (2010)
Change in
Net assets

Green Arrow Up.svgA$10,561,000 (2010) net
EmployeesStraight Line Steady.svg49 (2010) total
Reference 2010-2011 Annual Report

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) is the Australian affiliate of the International Paralympic Committee. (Paralympic sports are athletic competitions designed for persons with disabilities.) The APC works with federations that promote particular paralympic sports in Australia.

The APC promotes paralymic sports within Australia. It also selects and trains paralympic athletes to compete in the "Paralympic Games" that are held in conjunction with the Olympic Games. The next Paralympic Games will be held in London, England in 2012.

The APC has annual revenue of $23 million, of which $12.8 million comes from government grants.[1]

In 2011, the APC started construction of a new headquarters building at Essendon Football Club’s new high performance centre at Melbourne Airport.[2]

Hall of Fame and History Projects

The APC seeks to promote paralympic sports and to preserve their heritage through a Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame inducted its first three members in 2011.[3]

The APC's history project seeks to record the past of paralympic sports in Australia through scholarly research and oral histories. The APC conducted a competitive tender in early 2011 for authors to write a formal history book at the expense of APC. One applicant submitted an innovative proposal that would crowd-source the research using wiki software as more cost-effective than just scholars conducting traditional research on a paid basis.[4] At first, the project was to produce a book that would be printed on-demand by Pediapress, with content developed on The project team included John Vandenberg, President of Wikimedia Australia and a member of the prestigious Wikipedia Arbitration Committee. Although Wikipedia normally prohibits paid editing on its encyclopedia, the APC history project was reclassified as a "GLAM" (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)[5] allowing it to pay people to add content to the main encyclopedia as a hagiography.[6] Currently, Laura Hale (Vice President of Wikimedia Australia) is the paid Wikipedian in residence at APC.

The history project is particularly noteworthy because of its writing contest. Instead of paying authors to add relevant content to Wikipedia, the project is sponsoring a competition with the two authors who add the most content winning an all-expense paid trip to the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. This represents the largest prize purse ever awarded in a Wikipedia competition.[7] As of February 10, five people have signed up for the contest.[8]

If this contest proves successful, Hale hopes to use APC as a model and advise other sports regarding the crowd-sourcing of their heritage.

The Hall of Fame and History projects are coordinated by Tony Naar, General Manager Knowledge Services at APC. Naar spoke at the University of Canberra to tell students about his projects.[9]


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