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The fact that you love your pets doesn’t mean that you love the odors they leave behind. An air filter can reduce pet odor and eliminate pet dander from the air.

Activated carbon filters absorb odor like a sponge. Simply place the air purifier near your pet’s litter box or bed and you will quickly see a difference. A HEPA filter not only eliminates pet dander from the air, but other allergens such as pollens, dust, and mold.

In addition to carbon and HEPA filters, some customers may find air purifiers that use ultraviolet light useful. Ultraviolet light sterilizes bacteria, viruses, and mold. Air purifiers with ultra violet light are especially useful for bird owners to prevent the spread of disease.

If you have allergy problems due to these allergens or even due to your pet, an air purifier may significantly improve your quality of life. Austin Air has an air purifier specifically designed for pet owners. Both AllerAir and AirPura produce units with ultraviolet light that are ideal for pet owners.

Visit Air Purifiers USA and their sales associates will assist you in finding the best purifier for you.