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Air Purifiers USA
Type [[Company_Type:=Private|Private]]
Founded [[Year_Started:=2002|2002]]
Headquarters Template:Country data US [[City:=Chaska|Chaska]], [[State_Name:=Chaska|Minnesota]], [[Country_Name:=United States|USA]]
Contact PMB 171, 150 Pioneer Trail
Chaska, MN 55318-0000
[ Air Purifiers USA website]
Reference NAICS: 0000, 000
Region: [[Region1:=Carver County|Carver County]]

Air purifiers may serve you in a number of ways. Some air purifiers are specifically designed for allergy and asthma. Others are best for odor control and chemical sensitivity. There are others that are more effective for Tobacco smoke control. These are a few of the considerations for home air purifiers alone! Choosing an air purifier for home, business, or industrial use can be difficult. There are many different models on the market, and each one is geared to meet different needs.

Air Purifiers USA is an online retailer that specializes in helping you find the ideal air purifier to meet your needs, whether you are shopping for home, business, or industrial use. They have carefully chosen reliable air purifier manufacturers to meet a variety of requirements. Each of their sales people have been trained to help you find the ideal unit to meet your specific needs. And they’re not paid by commission: their top priority is a satisfied customer! [1]

Air Purifiers USA is a multi-channel retailer of air purification products based in Chaska, Minnesota. It provides air quality solutions to individual, commercial and industrial customers. The company has been operating online since 2002. AirPurifiersUSA is an authorized dealer for Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair and IQAir home purifiers, in addition to commercial and industrial models.

Clients of Air Purifiers USA include law enforcement agencies, schools, beauty and nail salons, and dental and medical clinics. They also have many home clients who purchase air purifiers to meet their allergy relief or chemical sensitivity needs.

Air Purifiers USA offers a 30 day return policy. All products purchased can be returned within 30 days for a full refund if you are not fully satisfied. After 30 days you are protected by manufacturer warranties. Please see the website return policies for complete details.

For home use Air Purifiers solve a number of household problems. Allergy sufferers can find relief from pet dander, pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, and other airborne allergens. Those suffering with severe chemical sensitivity may find that air purifiers will help them. [2]

Air Purifiers USA Sub-Directories:
Allergies Information
Pet Odors Information
Pollen Information
Swine Flu Information
Schools Information
Salons Information
Artist's Studios Information
Tobacco Smoke
Chemical Sensitivity
Odor and Chemical Control
General Purpose
Bedroom and Nursery
Bird Owners
Funeral Homes
Beauty and Nail Salons

Air Purifiers USA has websites to showcase products from Airpura, Austin Air and Blueair.


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