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If you have chemical sensitivity, an air purifier may be the best solution for relief. Air purifiers for chemical sensitivity should have inert gaskets, unbleached pesticide free cotton pre-filters, motors with minimal varnish on windings to prevent off-gassing, nylon casters instead of plastic, all metal housing, and several pounds of activated carbon to absorb airborne chemicals.

Both AllerAir and Airpura produce air purifiers ideally suited to deal with your chemical sensitivities.
AllerAir Air Medic MCS Air Purifier is designed for people with multiple chemical sensitivity and allergies. It is designed without the use of bonding agents, and includes inert features such as: a sealed motor, powder-coated carbon canister, a 100% metal casing, and an organic cotton pre-filter. It’s effective up to 1,500 square feet, and uses 20 pounds of activated carbon to protect you from chemicals in the air.

The AllerAir Air Medic D MCS Air Purifier is loaded with 25 pounds of carbon. Like the AllerAir Air Medic MCS, the D MCS is specifically designed for people with multiple chemical sensitivity. The 25lb filter means that contaminated air spends more time in contact with the activated carbon, making this unit ideal to handle heavy concentrations of airborne gases, chemicals, and odors.

The Airpura C600 Chemical Abatement Air Purifier with extra large carbon bed is ideal for maximum absorption of airborne chemicals. It offers effective particle removal up to 2000 square feet. Air enters from all sides and exits from the top, providing 360 degree air intake and distribution. Large particles are captured by the pre-filter. The unit also includes an optional 20 watt UV lamp for sterilizing micro organisms such as mold spores, antigens, and pathogens.

If you have a chemical sensitivity, you should talk to a customer service representative to ensure that your air purifier is manufactured without glue or bonding agents. It is possible for you to be sensitive to your air purifier, and Air Purifiers USA wants to make sure you are happy with your Air Purifier Purchase.

Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the Air Purifier that’s right for you.

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