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If you find that you enjoy the benefits from a home air purifier, but dislike the noise when you are trying to sleep, you should try a quieter model specifically for your bedroom or nursery. Airgle offers excellent air purifiers for bedroom use. Austin Air offers a unit specifically for use in the baby’s nursery.

Airgle air purifiers are independently tested by the AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers). They are designed for comfort and include many features usually found in more expensive units, such as an ultra quiet motor and an aromatherapy capability. The Airgle 750 Air Purifier offers effective particle removal up to 698 square feet through it’s 12-stage filtration process. The Airgle 150 unit is designed for smaller spaces, cleaning an area of 300-450 square feet, removing 99.97% of particulates.

For your nursery, consider the Austin Air Baby’s Breath, available in blue or pink. The baby’s breath offers a high level of protection from a variety of airborne contaminants. In addition, the Baby’s Breath creates a gentle hush resembling the familiar sounds of the womb. White noise is clinically proven in helping infants fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

Air Purifiers USA wants to make sure you are happy with your Air Purifier Purchase. By talking to a customer service representative you can ensure that you purchase the best Air Purifier to meet your needs.

Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the Air Purifier that’s right for you.

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