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Acres Diamond Enterprise
Acres Diamond Enterprise logo
SloganThe View Of Tomorrow..Today
Type Private Company
Founded 2007
Headquarters Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia
Key peopleFaizarul Izuan, CEO
IndustryProfessional and Management Development Training
ProductsThe Ultimate Shortcut To Professional Speaking Ebook
Contact 154, Jalan Nakhoda B/3,
Kg. Nakhoda
68100 Batu Caves,
Reference NAICS: 611430,
Latitude: 3°14'59.7114"
Longitude: 101°40'39.9432"
GMT: +8

Acres Diamond Enterprise is a self-development company which inspired from Dr. Russell Herman Conwell's famous Acres of Diamonds speech.

We has a simple yet marvelous purpose: to help people realize their full potential and to make them successful and happy.

We simplify the complexity of self-development and doing business online.

Our message goes out to hundreds of thousands of people every year, people who tell us that Acres Diamond Enterprise has transformed their lives for the better.

Product and Service

As a member of the knowledge-based community, we produce, promote and sell self-development products and services.

Our guarantee is one of the most respected unconditional guarantees in any industry. And it applies to every product and service we offer.

Our customer service is second to none! We invite you to see for yourself how committed we are to your success — from the most basic Q&A, all the way to an online advertising solution and support.

Currently, we operates two self-development websites which is;

1) Best Professional Speaking Book
2) Acres Diamond Club

Best Professional Speaking Book

Best Professional Speaking Book Blog

Best Professional Speaking Book is a public speaking and presentation skills website. It includes tips, analysis, insights, and strategies which help you become a more effective speaker and a more effective communicator.

Popular feature articles on Best Professional Speaking Book include:

Our well-known professional speaking book, The Ultimate Shortcut to Professional Speaking, is the most simplest and comprehensive guide to start your own professional speaking career.

Owner will be introduce to the basic skills of public speaking such as how to find your niche, how to do research for your materials, how to deliver your speech and up to how to market your new business online and offline.

We also give away few ebook for free to our reader such as Money Mouth: How to Get Paid With Your Words and Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents Of the United States of America

Acres Diamond Club

Acres Diamond Club Website

Acres Diamond Club is a subscriber-only club and self development experience.

Club member will enjoy the benefit of content rich website, monthly ebooks and Q&A.

We take pride in on our ability to explain the details of complex topics in terms that are easy for anybody understand.

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