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MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Saturday November 27, 2021
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MyWikiBiz is a new directory where you can author your legacy on the Internet. We think you are notable, even if Wikipedia has rejected an article about you or your enterprise as being "non-notable". With MyWikiBiz, you create a beautiful, reader-friendly page that will get picked up by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search engines.

Important Notice!

STOP editing MWB.jpg

  • We are moving the entire database to a new and better server host, with capacity for MyWikiBiz to grow five-fold, without cost increases.
(Pray for us, that the transfer goes off without a hitch.)

We'll be back soon!

At that time, you can register an account and get started! Or, you can ask someone for help in creating your pages for a modest fee.