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MyWikiBiz provides a number of programmable media extensions that help contributors increase the overall functionality of their Directory listings:

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Cool extensions

Just in case you haven't noticed, there are at least a dozen really cool things you can do here on MyWikiBiz that you're not allowed to do on either Wikipedia, MySpace, or the Yellow Pages. It's worthwhile to summarize them here, in case you weren't aware.

  • Amazon Link - You can create an entire storefront of Amazon products and earn a sales commission on every product purchased.
  • Flash MP3 Player - You can stream audio files (voice, music, news) right on your Directory space page.
  • Google AdSense - Make money for weeks, months, and years after you've created your MyWikiBiz Directory space pages, just by opening a free AdSense account and plopping in space for a couple of ads on your page.
  • Google Gadgets - Embed neat features on your pages -- a calendar, a map, the phases of the moon, local weather, video games, and much more.
  • IFRAME - If you just want to embed a live, fully-functioning portrait of another web page outside of MyWikiBiz, you can easily do that with IFRAME.
  • Photo Gallery - This is a simple extension that enables you to portray multiple images in a convenient grid.
  • Widgetbox Widgets - Similar to Google Gadgets, Widgetbox is loaded with cool features you might want to embed in your MyWikiBiz pages.
  • YouTube Video - Have a favorite video on YouTube? Why not render it here on MyWikiBiz, too? Requires one simple line of code.

We have other extensions available, such as Radio and Social Bookmarks. Keep your eye on this Extensions menu for more additions!