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Muhammad Umar Alvi
Mr.Treason II
Mr Treason.jpg
Alvi's avatar
Residence United Kingdom Template:Country data UK
Born 2001-02-15
Known for Alternative medicine supporter, founder of Mr. Treason's website.
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Muhammad Umar Alvi is a boy who spends time creating a Mr.Treason website to further his own anti-Wikipedia agenda.


In 2008, Alvi started editing Wikipedia. He got blocked after three months for vandalism when he was trying to help the encyclopedia. He returned as Wikieat and began constructive editing. He abruptly ended on June 2010 and returned as a vandal on September 2010. His vandalism was combined with legal threats until suddenly, his vandalism stopped. Legal threats and personal attacks were his mainstay for a long time and it is continuing still.


He has fixed computer problems in the family and his school.


Unfortunately, you can't please 'em all.

  • (block log) trolllol
  • (block log) Harrassment
  • (block log) Spam page

His acheivements

  • Made 100 socks on Wikimedia!
  • Made at least 54 legal threats on Wikimedia!
  • Made 3 personal attacks to editors!
  • Posted 10 hivemind links!

My favourite MWB milestones

I like the milestone on Liz Cohen, and the stone crab milestone. I also like the albeit at lower levels milestone.

My views on MWB

MWB is a wonderful innovation that enables notability. I think that it needs to get promoted by whoever benefits from this innovation.

Methods of tr0lling the Wikimedia

1. Go to Talk:SlimVirgin. Duplicate said tab 5 times.

2. Click new section.

3. In the small and big type boxes, type (in the big box) A lawsuiit has come against you. Arabs will sue you in a court of law. Better revert your defamation now. and in the small box type lawsuit.

4. Go to another tab and repeat the process.

( we will be coming with a bookmark that automates the attack process and can be adaptable. )

Personal Information

I love many, many things. I like the perfect throw at enforcing my agenda and eating fruit. I hate SV! her email is