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Just make your wish… Of course Genie can fulfill ‘Why not?’ This quote embodies how Genie approaches every event. Genie is especially known for its ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, decorative ambiance, translating his clients’ visions into awe-inspiring reality.

Our work is often referred to as art installations. With the advent of new technologies in areas such as lighting, tent design, and image projection, clients are no longer held to the limits of their imagination; the impossible is now possible. We create events that truly reflect client's personality, a design that is unique and customized. From a tree that encompasses an entire ballroom to twenty-foot-tall floral peacock sculptures, anything you wish we can create.

We have attractive A-list clientele across the globe. Genie’s passion for work has led to many television appearances and dozens of publications every year.

Genie has received several event and design awards. Always optimistically looking towards the future, Genie is currently working on multiple businesses to offer our products and services globally.

We at Genie Events celebrate every festive season with grandeur and splendor. When it comes to the festival of lights "Diwali" we cordially invite you to the "DABANGG DIWALI MELA 2010". Come with your family and friends and enjoy a fun-filled evening with entertainment, game activities and food fiesta. For entry details contact : 9971792606