Cornell University Concert Band

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The Cornell University Concert Band is the premier band of Cornell University. Several band music groups exist at Cornell. These include the Big Red Marching Band, which performs at half-time during football season and at other special university events, the Pep Band, composed of members of the Big Red Band to perform at basketball games and pep rallies during football season, the Repertoire Concert Band, and the Concert Band.

Typically, members of the Big Red band join the Repertoire Band after football season.

Membership is by audition. The finest musicians are chosen for the Concert Band. Directors have include William A. Campbell, Maurice Stith, and others. Assistant directors have included renowned french hornist Bernard Gilmore. The band performs at graduation each June. Between the end of final exams and graduation, the band tours. Such tours have included Montreal, Buffalo, Washington D.C., and other areas in the East and Canada.

The band performs concerts in Bailey Hall each semester, and presents an outdoor concern on Libe Slope in the spring.

Many accomplished musicians have played with the Concert Band including Leonard Cronk, Peter Pizzi, Boyd Herforth (the son of Cleveland Orchestra principal trumpet Harry Herforth), George Greenberg, Les Golden, Deanne Gebell, Emilie Beaupre, Eric Greisen, John Lutz, Larry Menzer, and Jon Silverman.

In 1966, the Cornell University Concert Band, also known simply as the Cornell Concert Band, traveled to New York City to perform the inaugural concert in Lincoln Center's Avery Fischer Hall. The guest conductor, who wrote a piece for the band, was renowned composer/musician Gunther Schuller.