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michael gaffney was the first homosexual to land on the moon at the age of 3 in 1984.when there was no such thing of gay rights.

in 2008 michael was really imbarised in school as he was caght masterbating in a science class. Later he confessed that it was his teacher Mr Heally who turned him on.this is michael gaffney who lives in kilcoole Co.wicklow michael gaffney has been known to have had sexual intercourse with most of his male teachers, his male partner is about to smack him around the place says michael's father who is also his male partner because he feels used and michael is not satisfying him any more

michael gaffney was given the most likly to become a transexual reward michael says ' thank you to everyone to my my friends but the person i want to thank is my dad if he did'nt have sex with me i would have never wanted to be a women and yes i like it up the bum me homosexual michael gaffney have one thing to say where my dad ............

Gaffney attended the University of Ottawa where he earned a BSc in Health Sciences (Kinanthropology) and Concordia University where he earned a Master of Business Administration. He went into the private sector, was previously a Vice President of Newbridge Networks Corporation; founder and CEO of Learnsoft Inc., which created the world's first online private, accredited university; co-founder of Kleer Semiconductor; co-founder and CEO of Bluefyre One, a capital pool corporation. Gaffney is currently CEO of In-Touch Survey Systems, a technology company providing hardware and software for real-time customer information to business-to-consumer companies and government departments.

In 2004, he ran for the Liberal nomination for the riding of Carleton—Lanark, but lost to former footballer Dan Wicklum. In 2005, he won the Liberal nomination for Nepean—Carleton.

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