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A self-taught artist, Drew started painting on surfboards as a young boy when he first began to surf in his native South Carolina. Originally, Drew set out to be a professional surfer, and he traveled the globe doing artwork to help pay for his surf adventures. More and more, he was commissioned to create art, and a lifetime profession was born. After living & surfing in Hawaii for several years, Drew moved to California in 1996 to put his art career in high gear. He now lives with his wife Maria and their son Dylan near Trestles, one of his favorite surf spots.

Drew and his wife, Maria, have made a successful business of licensing Drew’s art to companies who produce high-quality products, such as boogie boards, beach towels, cell phone screensavers, apparel, greeting cards, and much more.

Drew's art is recognized and collected locally and internationally. Known as the artist who pioneered the art of surfboard painting, Drew’s painted surfboards are sold in art galleries and establishments world-wide, and are collected by individuals including Kid Rock, Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, Eddie Vetter and Uncle Cracker. He holds several art shows a year in different locations. A prolific artist, Drew completes about 100 new pieces of art a year.

An ocean conservationist, Drew contributes his time and efforts to organizations such as Surfrider Foundation and Ocean Institute. He also takes time to give seminars and workshops at various schools & colleges, sharing his painting techniques and secrets of success.

Drew Brophy is the top licensed surf artist to have lived. He currently resides in San Clemente, CA.


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