Wikimedia Foundation Board elections 2009 - predictions

MyWikiBiz, Author Your Legacy — Wednesday December 06, 2023
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The Wikimedia Foundation Board elections 2009 were underway in late July 2009. Some analysts have tried to predict how the voting will conclude, even before the polls close on August 10, 2009. Many of the trustee candidates have no idea how mismanaged is the Wikimedia Foundation, with only the founder of MyWikiBiz seeming to have the courage to point out that 39 Stillman Street in San Francisco is not exercising best practices in non-profit governance and isn't running a clean shop.

Wikipedia Signpost as leading indicator

Wikipedia Signpost interest in candidates

One leading indicator may be the Wikipedia Signpost's published "question and answer" series among all 18 Board candidates. Traffic to each of these pages may be measured with a special application designed by Wikipedia User:Henrik. Judging from this data, it is possible that the answers provided by Gregory Kohs will help him achieve a stunning Pyrrhic victory by coming in fifth place in the election.