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Waterdrop Inc.(Chinese: 水滴公司) is a personal medical funds provider in China. Its mission is to support hundreds of millions families’ health needs both financially and medically rely on Internet Technology. The core businesses of the company includes Waterdrop Crowdfunding(Chinese:水滴筹), Waterdrop Mutual(Chinese:水滴互助) and Waterdrop Insurance Mall(Chinese:水滴保险商城). Those three products mainly provide services for users through WeChat official accounts[1].

Waterdrop Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding website. The website allows users to create an online fundraising campaign to raise money for their medical expense[2]. As of September 2018, Waterdrop Crowdfunding has raised over 10 billion yuan for more than 800,000 patients with serious diseases in financial difficulties[3].

Waterdrop Mutual is a mutual insurance website, which offers insurance and financial service to enrolled members. As of August, 2016, Waterdrop Mutual has become an independent mutual platform with more than 1 million members in China[4].

Waterdrop Insurance Mall is an innovative insurance website, currently has more than 10 million paid users.


Waterdrop Inc was founded by Peng Shen in May 2016 in Beijing, China. In August 2017, Waterdrop Inc raised 160 million RMB, led by Tencent and BlueRun Ventures, Sinovation Ventures, Gaorong Capital, IDG Capital and other reputable investors. In March 2019, Waterdrop Inc has expanded rapidly. It ompletes near 500 Million RMB of Series B Financing[5]. The financing was joint-invested by IDG, Tencent and etc. In June 2019, Waterdrop Inc acquired another round of C financing worth more than 1 billion RMB.


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