Van Doren Oil

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Van Doren Oil
Van Doren Oil logo
SloganWarm, safe oil heat
Type Private
Founded 1939
Headquarters Template:Country data US Whitehouse, New Jersey, United States
Key peopleJohn Van Doren, President
Trent Van Doren, Customer Service
IndustryHeating Oil Dealers
Oil Burner Repair Services
Contact Van Doren Oil Company
413 US Highway 22 East
Whitehouse, NJ  US  08889-0000
Phone:  908.534.2125
Fax:      908.534.5770
Web page   E-mail
Reference NAICS45431 81141

Van Doren Oil was established in 1939 by Ben Van Doren. The company has grown to include second and third generation family members along with about 30 other employees. These service people deliver warm, safe oil heat to their customers, day after day, year after year.

The company's heating oil storage capacity of one million gallons represents one of the largest inland storage facilities in the state of New Jersey. The service area includes Hunterdon, Somerset, and parts of Warren and Morris counties.

The advantage of the customer's relationship with Van Doren Oil is the full service aspect of every account. You may find another oil dealer with a lower spot price on a given day, but if your furnace breaks on a cold February night, will those spot-price merchants have a repair technician at your home that night? Do they even have a service department? Van Doren Oil has 14 technicians and 24-hour emergency service.

Competitive pricing

The Van Doren oil price consistently beats some of the other regional full-service competition by up to 50 cents per gallon. So, if you are a full-service oil customer who feels they are paying too much, it would be to your benefit to at least call Van Doren Oil to obtain a competitive quote, with no obligation.

Pricing options

Because everybody has different needs, Van Doren Oil Company is now offering 4 different price programs:

Market price oil: the everyday low price for full-service customers.
Contract oil: the pre-buy option that allows you to lock in your price for the winter, without any fees.
Ceiling price oil: a capped oil price giving the customer peace of mind, and a lower price when the market is down.
No service discount oil: the lowest possible oil price available.

Call Van Doren Oil and ask for either Trent Van Doren or Chris Van Doren to discuss any of these pricing options.

Service area map (see full resolution view)

Oil or gas?

Many consumers face some tough choices about costs, safety, and the efficiency of which type of fuel to heat their home. Fortunately, New Jersey residents have a third-party resource to help them decide if Van Doren Oil is the right choice. Launched in August 2010, Energy Experts of New Jersey will help remove confusion about second-guessing your energy choices, along with provide helpful tips about saving money on your fuel bills.

Consumer reviews

"I'm moving to Brick, NJ and very disappointed that I can't take Van Doren Oil Company with us. Of all of the companies I've dealt with the past 20 years, yours was the best. Many oil companies have tried to win my business with special offers but I told them I would never, ever, EVER switch! Contact me if you ever open a southern location." -- Joseph Lazzara

"I have been your customer for a very long time. Thank you for working with us. It's great to deal with a family business." -- Robert West

"The Clinton Book Shop is so happy that we found Van Doren Oil. Great service, locally owned, and none of the craziness that was associated with our previous supplier. Thank you for being part of our community." -- The Clinton Book Shop

"The Van Doren team are top-notch, stand-up folks and have gone above and beyond to provide exceptional service for us." -- Philippa Reist

"Switching to VDOC was an easy choice. They offer better services than my current company, and the price per gallon was 50 cents cheaper." -- Ed Strother

"You might find a lower spot price for oil here and there, but those companies will literally leave you in the cold if your furnace breaks in the middle of January. I'd rather have the customer support that Van Doren Oil provides." -- Gregory K.

A Van Doren Oil tanker truck

"Thank you for all of the steps you have taken to protect your customers. As a customer for 28 years, we have always appreciated your service." -- Richard C.

"Thank you for all of the dependable service rendered for the past 20 years. ...And especially the last two years, when I really was alone. I worried so much about the snow arriving before the oil delivery, and you have never let me down. My thank you may seem small, but never was it more sincerely meant." -- Dorothy G.

"Thank you for your considerations and understanding." -- Bill D.

"Greetings! I opened a new account with your company and wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery and beautiful calendar. I'm looking forward to doing business with you." -- Frank C.

"Just wanted to let you know your excellent customer service is a testament to your company." -- Jen L.

"I would like to thank you for checking the cost of oil and always giving the best price. It's nice to be able to put trust in someone who looks after us seniors. The office staff is always patient, charming, and helpful." -- John & Carol H.