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Vajazzling is the decoration of or around the vagina with adhesive-backed crystals or faux gems. The word is a portmanteau of "Bedazzler" and "vagina"[1].

Vajazzling first came to public notice when it was discussed by Jennifer Love Hewitt on the television program Lopez Tonight (12 Jan 2010).

While talking about her new book, called The Day I Shot Cupid, in which she writes of her experiences with love and dating, she famously said that there is a chapter in it about "vajazzling" her "vajayjay" (decorating her vagina with Swarovski crystals). She said it looked "cute", revealed that she was currently vajazzled with "hot pink" crystals and recommended to all women that they also "vajazzle their vajayjays". This became a big Internet hit with the video going viral, received widespread news coverage, and the term "vajazzling" became one of the most searched terms on Google the next day.[2][3] [4][5][6][7][8][9]



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